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Product Information

Duckware includes important software like McAfee antivirus, a version of the UO VPN Client, TextPad, and SSH Secure Shell, as well as links to other software recommended for use on the university network.

Licensing and Restrictions

Some of the linked software has licensing restrictions that allow permit only individual or non-commercial use. Please read the licensing on the web site offering the software, and comply with the restrictions as they are detailed. In particular, MalwareBytes is freely available for use on individual, personal computers, but requires a license for use on University-owned computers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I get the Duckware software?
A: At the bottom of this page, click the link(s) of the software you want. Items listed under Links will take you to the most current versions of freely available software on the internet.  

Q: Where can I get a Duckware CD?
A: The Duckware CD is no longer available. If you do not have access to the network, please contact the Technology Service Desk with questions about alternative means of accessing the Duckware software. 

Q: How do I get support for the Duckware software?
A: If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the Technology Service Desk. We support all site-licensed software that we distribute. We'll help with the third-party software as well, though more comprehensive support should be available from the publisher's web site.

Technology Service Desk
(541) 346-4357


If you're running a computer on the University network, it is highly recommended that you use some form of antivirus software. There has been a dramatic upswing in Macintosh malware; installing and using McAfee VirusScan is advised. Please be aware that installing more than one antivirus software on your computer will cause problems, and will almost certainly slow your computer to a crawl. Uninstall any other antivirus software before installing the McAfee product on your computer. The other site-licensed software may or may not be necessary; feel free to install those packages you need.

Software Available for Download

By downloading this software you agree to have read and understand the 'Licensing and Restrictions' listed for this software.


Fetch (SFTP software for Mac)Why do I not have access?
VirusScan Enterprise 10.2.3 for Mac OS XWhy do I not have access?
VirusScan 8.8 patch 11 Enterprise for WindowsWhy do I not have access?
McAfee VirusScan 8 patch 11 for Windows Student UseWhy do I not have access?