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Singularity Index Module


This page describes the steps that need to be taken to install and configure the Singularity Index Module. The Singularity Index Module is a client side Windows application that is used to load and index documentation into the Singularity System. It is an alternate method to loading and Indexing as described in the Singularity User Guide. The Index module is compatible with all modern Windows operating systems including Windows XP, Vista, 7, and 8. The appication is loaded onto the client machine and configured for access to the Document Imaging system based on the following instructions.

Install the Singularity Index Module:

1.  Begin by downloading version 1.2.17 of Singularity Index Module to your local machine. Once the file is downloaded to your local machine browse to the location in which it was download and start the installer. You should see the following window. To proceed with the installation click Next >

2.  By clicking Next > you will be prompted with a new screen requesting the installation location and access. Unless there is a reason to change from the defaults leave the settings as is and select Next >

3.  After clicking Next > the install process will begin.

4.  As long as there were no errors click Next > to close the installer.

Tips for Downloading the File:

Internet Explorer: For Internet Explorer you can click directly on the file link below to start the download.

Firefox: Firefox requires you to use the right click context menue and select "Save File As" option as indicated in the images below.


Configuring the Index Module:

After the Index Module has been downloaded and installed by following the above instructions it will need to be configured.  This can be done in one of 2 ways.  The first method is by using the step by step instructions to configure the Index Module.  The second method of configuring the Index Module is by downloading the ApplicationSettings.xml file and copying it to the Index Module install directory on your local computer C:\Program Files\Hershey Systems\Singularity Index Module\ApplicationSettings.xml.

To configure the Index Module, please contact your department's IT help desk.

Software Available for Download

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