University of Oregon
8.8 patch 11 (Win), 10.2 (Mac)

Product Information

McAfee VirusScan uses on-access scanning to guard against all types of viruses and malicious code, including new and unknown threats. VirusScan offers unintrusive protection as it hunts down and kills viruses, worms, Trojans, and other malicious code that attempt to infect your systems.

Easy to use and always on guard, VirusScan automatically keeps your protection up to date and lets users work uninterrupted. VirusScan is supported by McAfee Avert® Labs—recognized as the world's top threat research center.

Obtaining Software

The University of Oregon maintains a site-license for antivirus software. To download the software, log in using your Duck ID and password—you'll find the login link at the top right of this page. 


McAfee VirusScan is part of DuckWare.

Installation instructions:

If you already have McAfee installed on your computer, see Installing McAfee Management Agent for critical details about the McAfee Management Agent.

Licensing and Restrictions

  • Current students, faculty and staff can legally run our site-licensed software both at home and at work.
  • Our current offering is McAfee Endpoint Protection Advanced (EPA) suite with Host Intrusion Detection System (HIDS) enabled protection. This is an enterprise edition which does not expire. For this reason, we recommend users uninstall any other antivirus software then install our site-licensed McAfee. Note: It is not safe to run more than one antivirus program on the same computer.
  • Students are authorized to download the basic software via the "Student Use" option in "Software Available for Download," but need to be aware that these licenses are unmanaged and, therefore, unsupported by the UO or McAfee (the vendor).

Software Available for Download

By downloading this software you agree to have read and understand the 'Licensing and Restrictions' listed for this software.


VirusScan Enterprise 10.2.3 for Mac OS XWhy do I not have access?
VirusScan 8.8 patch 11 Enterprise for WindowsWhy do I not have access?
UO McAfee Agent InstallerWhy do I not have access?
McAfee VirusScan 8 patch 11 for Windows Student UseWhy do I not have access?