University of Oregon

Are you new to VPN?

If you are new to using the university's VPN software, please use Cisco AnyConnect.

For a complete list of our VPN software and an overview of the VPN software we offer, see Virtual Private Networking (VPN) Software.

However, if you were using our VPN software prior to July, 2009, the best way for you to get what you need is to download and install the new VPN profile for your VPN Client. See VPNClient profile for UO in the list below.

A few campus enterprise applications, such as Data Warehouse, require VPN. If you are a Data Warehouse user please see Data Warehouse Installation for more information about its VPN requirement.

Software Available for Download

By downloading this software you agree to have read and understand the 'Licensing and Restrictions' listed for this software.


VPNClient profile for UOWhy do I not have access?