University of Oregon

Sponsored Accounts



Departments sometimes have a need to provide computing services to individuals who are not formally affiliated with the University but are involved in university related activities. Examples include practicum supervisors, guest lecturers, consultants, contractors, visiting scholars, and vendors. Sponsored accounts can be obtained in these cases to provide access to computing resources.

This is different from Network Guest Access, which allows guest access to the internet by having a faculty or staff member sponsor guest access to only the university's network.

For details about Sponsored Accounts, including who is eligible to act as a sponsor and who is eligible to be sponsored, see the Sponsored Account Policy. All sponsored account users are responsible for following our Acceptable Use Policy.

How to Sponsor Someone

Submit a request through the UO Service Portal:

How to Access a Sponsored Account

The sponsored individual will log in to the Duck ID site at to set a personally-selected password. Once a password is set, he or she can begin accessing online resources.


Please contact the Technology Service Desk.