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Information Services provides Jabber Instant Messaging to all staff, faculty, and student employees.

New customers should reference the Jabber Service Offering page for information on how to request access to this resource.


Which IM client should I use?

Following is a short list of test IM clients:

How do I login?

In order to login to the Jabber server, you need two pieces of information:
1) Your University DuckID
2) The Jabber server name:
How you enter this information is dependant on the particular IM client:

Username: DuckID

iChat/ Messages:
Jabber ID:

Username: DuckID

How do I chat with other people?

To chat with others using the Jabber service, each person must have requested a Jabber account or a bulk request must have been submitted by a department IT staff.

After each person has a Jabber account, chatting can be done in the following way:

1) Start a new chat and manually enter the other person’s Jabber account (DuckID + ‘’).

2) Find the other person using your chat client and add them as a friend. This will put them in your roster for quick access.

3) For departments within the campus Active Directory environment, a Jabber shared group may be created. These can be requested by the OU Admin for you department/school.