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Systems - Documentation - Shell - Snapshot File Restoration


For important details on how often files get backed up, see Systems-Services-File Recovery.

Files stored on are backed up every two hours, once nightly, once weekly and once monthly using "snapshots". In case of data loss, you can restore files from these snapshots if you have a working knowledge of UNIX.

  1. Login via SSH to
  2. Go to the directory where you want to restore files
  3. List all of the “files to restore” within all of the available snapshot directories
  4. Identify the version that you want and copy it to the desired destination

% cd <desired-path>

% ls -Alt .snapshot/*/<file-to-restore>

Example: restoring "trace.txt"

% ls -Alt .snapshot/*/trace.txt

% cp -p .snapshot/<version>/<file-to-restore> <new-file>


% cp -p .snapshot/nightly.5/trace.txt new_trace.txt

For assistance restoring files please contact the Technology Service Desk.