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Product/Service Details

Product Title: Spam/AV Email Filtering Service

Service Category: Centralized Email

Summary Description:

U of O Information Services provides enterprise spam and anti-virus email filtering services


U of O Information Services offers this service to all staff, faculty, and students free of charge

General Description:

Information Services – Systems is offering the following at this time.

  • Proofpoint Protection Server Spam Detection Module
  • Proofpoint Protection Server Virus Scanning Module
  • Proofpoint Protection Server Dynamic Reputation with netMLX


  • 3 levels of email filtering
    All messages are delivered without content or recipient filtering; only source host reputation based connection filtering (netMLX) occurs
    Tag spam in Subject header
    All email is delivered regardless of its suspected spam status. The subject line of suspected spam is re-written to prepend the tag [SPAM]. Advanced users: the "X-Spam-Flag: YES" header can be used for local filter rules as desired, such as for custom rules in Outlook or Mac OS Mail.
    Filter spam
    Messages with a spam score of 100 are rejected during mail transactions.  Messages with scores between 50 and 99 are quarantined for a period of two weeks.  This is the default setting for all users.
  • Users who have new quarantined messages in the past 24 hours will receive an "End User Digest" message at approximately 3 pm that day.
  • User access to spam filtering and end user digest preferences and quarantined messages is available through the web interface at
  • Also available as an opt-in service for department or group based email servers with their own MX records.

Contact Information:

End User Support

Server Filtering Support