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Product Title:

Storage Service

Service Category:

Network Based Storage

Summary Description:

U of O Information Services offers enterprise storage services to University-affiliated departments and business units.


The majority of the service we offer is provided at no additional charge.

For large or resource intensive requests, we may have to ask for some fees to help pay a portion our costs for storage administration, hardware and software maintenance, and facilities required to maintain the storage systems and all features listed in the general description below.  Please contact the systems and operations team if you are interested in implimenting solutions to discuss.

General Description:

Information Services is offering the following service tiers at this time. Additional tiers will be added as necessary based on customer requirements.

  1. Tier 1 Storage (Multi-Site Synchronous Low Latency Storage)
    This tier of storage is available now. Common uses for this tier of storage are high I/O applications such as VMware storage backends, database storage volumes, mission critical applications that need to survive a datacenter loss without any service outage or other high I/O traffic applications.
  2. Tier 2 Storage (Single-Site Low Latency Storage)
    Currently unavailable.
  3. Tier 3 Storage (Single-Site Capacity Efficient)
    Information Services Systems offers tier 3 disk storage capabilities via isfiles clustered ontap system. This storage system provides for enterprise-class, high-availability storage in a single location. The storage system is monitored for performance and availability on an ongoing basis.


The following features are included in the listed rate:

  • Installation, maintenance, and configuration of new and existing hardware, firmware, license codes, and software on storage appliance
  • Incident response related to disruptions of service from the storage subsystem including but not limited to disk failures, controller failures, fan failures, and other equipment failures typical of a storage appliance
  • Provisioning of storage volumes or LUNS for presentation to clients via one or more protocols including:
    • CIFS (up to 3.0),
    • NFS (up to NFS4, contact for pNFS support)
  • Integration of storage system into monitoring and alerting system
  • After-hours response to system outages in accordance with the Systems on-call policy
  • Performance monitoring of existing hardware with timely communication to clients about storage system performance problems and bottlenecks with suggested resolution paths
  • Configuration of De-Duplication (ASIS) and SnapShot technology or other advanced storage system features.
  • Managing and processing renewal of all support agreements covering hardware or software related to the storage appliance
  • Access to Systems Hotline for direct support

See standing service level agreement for more details about Information Services responsibilities.

Operational Announcements for this Service:

A mailing list (isstorage) has been created to allow people the ability to control their access to this information. For more information on how to get access, please see:

Contact Information:

Telephone: 541-346-1731