University of Oregon

University of Oregon Fax Numbers


The University of Oregon does not have a general fax service number.

We suggest you:

  1. find the department or group you seek in the official UO A-Z Index
  2. click on that unit's web page
  3. look for a fax number, frequently listed with other contact information

If no fax number is listed for a particular department, please call that department to find the best way to send fax communications. Department phone numbers are listed in the University of Oregon Online Directory or call the UO automated directory service at (541) 346-1000 and ask for the department or group you seek.

If you have any difficulties or you need additional information, please contact us.


FCC Amendments to the Junk Fax Prevention Act of 2005

Any facsimile number obtained from any of the University of Oregon's directories, advertisements, or internet sites or those directories, advertisements or internet sites of any other State of Oregon Agency or Educational Institution was voluntarily made available for public distribution related only to legitimate University related business. The University of Oregon does not accept unsolicited advertisements at any facsimile number in question.

FCC ruling 06-42A1, page 10 "The fact that the facsimile number was made available in a directory, advertisement or website does not alone entitle a person to send a facsimile advertisement to that number."