University of Oregon

Virtual Private Networking (VPN) Software


What is VPN?
VPN stands for Virtual Private Network and refers to a set of software and hardware that enable your computer to transparently connect to a remote network as if you were physically attached to that network. Communication between your computer and the remote VPN hardware is encrypted while using VPN.

Why Use VPN?
Access to some campus resources, such as the library's databases and electronic journals, require verification that you are a student, faculty or staff at the University of Oregon before you are allowed to search or read the full text of an article. The easiest way to provide this verification is to use the campus VPN (virtual private network) service.

A few campus enterprise applications, such as Data Warehouse, require VPN. If you are a Data Warehouse user please see Data Warehouse Installation for more information about its VPN requirement.

Which Version Should I Use?
There are several ways to use VPN. Select the version that best fits your needs:

Additional Assistance

Data Warehouse users have a specific VPN configuration. See Data Warehouse Installation for installation directions.

Please contact the Technology Service Desk if you have more questions.