University of Oregon

iOS VPN Software


How do I install the VPN software on my iOS device (iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad)?
To start installing the VPN software:

  1. Open this page in the Safari web browser on your device
  2. Tap one of the two links below
  3. Continue by following the directions below

Install UO VPN
(split tunnel)

Install UO VPN
(full tunnel)


What's the difference between split tunnel and full tunnel VPN? With split tunnel VPN, only network traffic to and from UOnet is secured and routed between your device and campus. With full tunnel VPN, all network traffic to and from your device is secured and routed through UOnet. This is generally only necessary for access to off-campus electronic resources licensed by the library.

Installation Instructions

  1. Tap the "Install" button
    VPN install button
  2. When prompted, tap the "Install Now" button
    Install Now button
  3. Enter your device's passcode, if requested
  4. Enter your Duck ID
  5. Enter your Duck ID password

The VPN option will appear as a profile in Settings.

How do I use the VPN software?
To connect your iPhone to the university's VPN server:

  1. On your device, tap the Settings icon
    Settings icon
  2. Tap the "Off" slider in the VPN section
  3. Enter your Duck ID password

You will now be connected via VPN. When connected, a VPN icon will appear at the top of the display:
VPN icon

To disconnect from VPN:

  1. Tap the Settings icon
  2. Tap the on/off switch in the VPN section
    VPN on/off page

You will then be disconnected from VPN.

System Requirements
This VPN software is compatible with any device (iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad) running iOS 3 through iOS 5. Split tunnel has been verified to work in iOS 6; full tunnel is still begin tested with iOS 6.

Additional Assistance

If you have additional questions please contact our Tech Desk.