University of Oregon

Campus voicemail: setting up phone notification


This page describes how to configure voicemail to call you when a message is left in your campus voicemail box.

Setting up phone notification requires you log in to the voicemail web interface (called "Web Phone Manager", aka "WPM") and configure/activate this feature.   WPM is accessible only from UO networks, at this URL:  If this page does not open, confirm you are on a UO IP network or, if off campus, have an active VPN session to campus running when you open the link.

To set up phone notification:

  1. open
  2. Log in by entering your 5-digit UO extension and voicemail numeric security code
  3. Once logged in, click on the "Notification Settings" link on the left:

  4. Click on the "Phone" tab at the top:

  5. then perform these actions:
    1. check the "Enable phone notification" checkbox
    2. under "Notify Status", select "All"
    3. under "Hours" select what days/times are acceptable to you to be called.  If you want 24x7, select 00:00-23:59 hours and check every day.
    4. under "Message Types" make sure "Include Voice Messages" is checked.

      Here's an example what these options might look like if you were to choose to be notified any time/day:

    5. In the "Call List", enter the number or numbers you would like to be called when you receive voicemail.  Note it can be a UO 5-digit extension, or it could be an off campus number.  If off campus, the number must be a local telephone call to the Eugene / Springfield area.  For any number entered, "Type" should be "Normal", PIN left blank.  More about the "Wait (min)" below for how to select a choice in this field.  

      Here's an example what a simple phone notification call list might look like to UO extension 60027:

    6. When done, be sure and click the "OK" button in the upper left to commit your changes:

    7. You can put more than one Telephone Number in the Call List, and the system will try to call you in that order starting at the top.  Here's an example that tries to call you at 60027, and if no answer, waits 5 minutes then tries you at 541-987-6543:

      The "Wait (min)" setting tells the system how long to wait before trying the next number in the list.
    8. If the "Traverse List" setting is more than 1, the system will retry your contact list from the top that many times.