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How do I manage my Media Library?

All media files, such as images, video, audio, and documents that you have uploaded to posts or pages are listed in your Media Library. You can manage all existing media files or upload new media files directly to your blog without having to start a new post.

For instructions on managing your Media Library, see Managing your Media Library.

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How do I add an additional administrator to my blog?

Additional administrators can be added to your blog. You would want to add an administrator to your blog when you want other people to write posts on the blog or when your blog is private and is only visible to registered subscribers.

All additional administrators on blogs have to be requested through the Technology Service Desk. If you would like to add an administrator to your blog, please send an email to Technology Service Desk ( with a list of the DuckID(s) of the administrator(s) you wish to add.

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How do I change the role of a user on my blog?

If you have an additional administrator on your blog, you can change the role of that user in the future if you wish. For instructions on how to change or remove a user from your blog, see Changing user roles.

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How do I enable email subscriptions on my blog?

You can allow other people to subscribe to your blog by adding an email subscription widget to your sidebar. When reader subscribe, they will receive an email each time your publish a new post.

For instructions on adding email subsriptions, see Enabling Email Subscriptions on your Blog.

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Can guests use UO Blogs?

Yes, guests visting the University of Oregon can request guest UO Blogs accounts to create a blog during their time on campus.

To request a UO Blogs account, a faculty or staff member will need to sponsor the account. They can do so by filling out this form.

If you have any questions, please contact the Technology Service Desk.

See UO Blogs: Guest Policy for more information.

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Can I use UO Blogs to create a personal blog?

Yes, UO Blogs can be used to create personal blogs. For information on creating course-related blogs, see How to Create a UO-related Blog.

For all personal blog use, you are responsible for adding the following disclaimer to your blog:

"This site is maintained by the author for personal and professional communications as authorized by the University of Oregon's computer use policies. Unless otherwise indicated, the content and opinions expressed on this web site do not necessarily reflect the views of nor are they endorsed by the University of Oregon or the Oregon University System."

The disclaimer for UO personal blogs is in compliance with the Terms of Service for Academic Web Publishing and Collaboration Services and other UO Policies.

For information about getting started with your personal blog, see Getting Started with Your Blog.

For instructions on how to add the disclaimer to your blog, see Adding a Disclaimer to a Personal Site.

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What is my blog dashboard and how do I use it?

The first screen you see when you log into your blog is the Dashboard. Your Dashboard provides a quick overview of what is happening with your blog while also supplying tools to navigate to other areas of your administrative panel.

For more information and how to use your Dashboard, see Using Your Dashboard.

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How do I begin writing posts for my blog?

Blogs are composed of two main structures: posts and pages. For an explanation of the difference between posts and pages, see Differences Between Blog Posts and Pages.

For instructions on writing your first post to your blog, see Writing Your First Post.

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How do I edit my posts?

Posts can be edited at any point in time. For instructions on how to edit your posts, see Editing Posts.

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What is the difference between posts and pages?

The main difference between posts and pages is the following:

Posts: Posts are where you publish the latest update or new articles on your blog.

Pages: Pages are used for information that you want to share with your readers but don't expect to update frequently.

For more infomation on the differences between posts and pages, see The Difference between Posts and Pages.

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