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Why does my Banner session time out after 1 hour?

For security reasons, your Banner session times out after one hour to protect Banner data.

The time out used to be 15 minutes years ago, but was increased to 30 minutes and then to the current setting of one hour. Be warned, however: it may be reduced to meet some compliance issues—the matter is still under discussion. 

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I can't click on the password field to log into Banner (Mac users)

Users on MacBooks running Mac OS X 10.7.5 have been experiencing issues getting to the password field for Banner log ins. It appears that with the latest verstion of Java, there are display problems with the Java applet. 
A work around for this issue is to change the screen resolution for your laptop. Changing the resolution forces the Java applet to redraw the screen, re-aligning the text fields appropriately.
To change your screen resolution:

  1. In the upper left corner, click on the Apple icon
  2. Click System Preferences...
  3. Click on Displays
  4. Change the resolution
    • NOTE: It doesn't matter if you adjust your resolution up or down. You simply need to change the resolution to something different to force the Java applet to redraw the screen. 
  5. The text fields should be aligned now to successfully log into Banner.

Once you are finished with Banner, you may change your screen resolution back to your preferred resolution. 
NOTE: When you log out of Banner and log back in, you will need to repeat the steps above. In other words, you will need to change the screen resolution everytime you log in to force the Java applet to redraw the screen. 

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How do I configure PWIVERI for PDF Forms?

We improved and simplified the technology used to generate Manual Check Request (MCR), Payroll Request Form (PRF), Student Employment Form (SEF) and Request for Leave of Absence forms from Banner form PWIVERI.

You can reliably generate these fill-able PDF forms on a PC or Mac using Firefox, IE, Chrome or Safari.

Here are three configuration tips:

  1. If Firefox renders a PDF document without data and warns “The PDF document may not be displayed correctly,” go to Tools, Options, Applications and select “Use Adobe Acrobat” or “Use Adobe Reader” for the PDF content type.  You may have to browse for Adobe Reader.
  2. If you do not get a PDF at all, make sure that is allowed in your browser’s pop up blocker settings.
  3. On a Mac you may see this dialog

You can click OK to use Preview or select an Adobe product if installed.  Check the box to use the selected program from now on.


If you have any problems, your local system support person should easily be able troubleshoot.

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Why can't I view documents in Singularity after a Java update?

If you have updated Java with the latest version (1.7u51 or later) you may encounter an error message or other difficulty when attempting to view documents in Singularity.

The problem is caused by Java’s new and tighter security restrictions. Java now needs explicit permission to run certain applications.

To fix this problem, change your Java settings to allow access to Singularity. When you first try to view an image in Singularity after updating Java, you will see a blank view with an error message at the top left corner of the window:

If you click on the error message, a pop up window appears with information about the error:

Follow these steps to resolve the problem:

1. Navigate to ‘Start’ > Control Panel > Java

2. Select the ‘Security’ Tab

3. Click on ‘Edit Site List…’

4. Click ‘Add’

5. Click on the ‘Location’ text box and type your Singularity URL

6. Click ‘Add’

7. Click ‘Continue’

8. If your screen looks like the above click ‘OK’

9. If your screen doesn’t look like the above repeat steps 4-8


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