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How do I get help with computer hardware?

The campus Duck Store offers computer repair services. See for more details.

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When I start Applications Manager I get a dialog box that says "The application's digital signature has an error. Do you want to run the application?" What does this mean?

The Short Answer
You must check the "Always trust content from this publisher" check-box and choose "Run".

The Detailed Answer (from Applications Manager)
When we build Applications Manager, the Java-based Applications Manager Client (and other Applications Manager Java code) is signed with a Java code-signing certificate which we renew annually. If you attempt to run a version of the Applications Manager Client that was signed with a certificate that has expired, you will receive this message. We renew the code-signing certificate every year, so the one we're currently using to sign the code is valid. We will renew it before it expires. That is why upgrading Applications Manager to a newer build would be another way (but not the recommended way) to resolve this problem. This isn't recommended because eventually, that certificate would expire too, and you would need to upgrade again to another, newer build made with a newer code-signing certificate.

Whether or not SSL is being used to encrypt the data is independent of this Java code-signing certificate. If you check the "Always trust..." box, SSL will continue to function normally and all Applications Manager network traffic will still be encrypted. The certificate that is expired does not affect the encryption of Applications Manager network traffic and it is not the same as an SSL Web Server Certificate, like the ones that allow users to make https connections to web servers for example.

The Java version on your PC matters because certain versions of the Java Runtime Environment have root certificates that have expired, so we have to try to rule this out as a cause. For more information on expired root certificates, go to Sun's web site.

In summary, we do renew our code-signing certificates and the one we are using to build at this time is current; you need to check the "Always trust..." box for Applications Manager programs; having a newer code-signing certificate will not have any effect on whether or not the data is encrypted; and the version of Java matters because some versions of Java have expired root certificates.

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If I have several jobs that run every day, can I set them up to run automatically "forever"?

Applications Manager has the capability to schedule modules/chains anytime, any day for as long as you want to run the job. Information Services restricted campus users from creating "schedules" on modules and chains due to volatility of the module set up. We have provided your security officers the ability to create chains that can be built with schedules so that your job(s) can be set up to run "forever". See your security officer if you would like a job to be scheduled.

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If I am currently using a DOS based program to FTP files to DAISY, am I going to have problems with my job?

DAISY is no longer available. If you need to "ftp" a file so that it can be loaded into BANNER, you need to use the BANNER form GWBLOAD to "secure copy" your file from your desktop computer to the Applications Manager server.

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If I have a job scheduled in the future and I change my Oracle password, will my scheduled job still run?

Yes. Any time you change your Oracle password within Applications Manager, it is saved within the Applications Manager repository database. Since your job is scheduled in advance, the job knows which login to use. When your job launches, the scripts in Applications Manager use that login object regardless of what the password is. When the login is referenced in these scripts it will pull the password from the repository database and make the necessary connection to Oracle.

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What is the data warehouse?

Allowing ad-hoc queries and reports against Banner creates significant risk of performance problems that would affect all Banner users and jobs. To prevent this, the data warehouse was created as a place where Banner data could be made available (and periodically refreshed) to users for their own querying and reporting of Banner data. Access is via the Hummingbird BI Query tool.

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In Internet Explorer, the Data Extract function in the Help menu no longer works or no longer prompts for a file saving location.

This may happen after loading Windows XP Service Pack 2 or Internet Explorer 7. From the Internet Explorer Menu, choose Tools -> Internet Options ->Security. Click on Internet, then choose Custom Level. Set Automatic prompting for file downloads to Enable.

To enable this feature for INB only in Internet Explorer 7:

  • Click on the Tools button and choose Internet Options.
  • Click the 'Security' tab
  • Click on 'Trusted Sites'
  • Click the Sites button
  • Uncheck the box on the bottom titled 'Require server verification (https) for all sites in this zone'. Type in and click the Add button. Click the Close button.
  • Click the Custom Level button. Scroll down until you find the 'Downloads' section under 'Automatic prompting for file downloads' and select the enable radial button. Click OK.

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How do I search in the Global Address List?

The Global Address List contains names and e-mail addresses of everyone at the University that has an account with the Exchange Server.

For information on how to search University contacts using the Global Address List, see either of the following links:

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How long do I keep my account when I leave UO?

How long you keep access depends on two things:

  1. Your status (student, faculty, staff, emeritus, etc.) with the university, and
  2. What type of access (Blackboard, email, network, etc.) you are using.

For specifics, see Identity Management - Affiliation Resource Access Rules.

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What is the difference between replies/correspondence and comments?

Replies/correspondence are visible to everyone associated with a ticket.

Comments are visible only to the owner and AdminCcs of a ticket.  Thus, a comment might be more appropriate for a side conversation among owners of the ticket.

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