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Why doesn't the spreadsheet option for reports save to my desktop?

For security reasons, a web server is not typically allowed to write files onto a client's machine. What we have done instead is to send the spreadsheet-based reports in Excel format. Your browser should either ask you to save the file, or open it in Excel. If you chose to open the file with Excel (or if that is your browser's default action), you can save the file to your desktop using File->Save from your browser menu.

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Closing the browser window used to start INB will end your Banner session.

When you start INB, you will have two windows open. One for the initial browser session and another for the applet window where the Banner application is running. Both windows should remain open while you are running Banner

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When running a report, I sometimes get an error message like "ORA-00942: table or view does not exist from ==>...". What's wrong?

If you receive this error, please report the problem to the Banner System Help person for the report.

An explanation of the error is here:

See this web page for a list of other error messages.

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When I try to run a report, the screen flashes, but no report is displayed.

The most likely cause is a pop-up blocker either set on your machine or a departmental server. Configure the pop-up blocker to allow pop-ups from To help determine if this is the problem, try holding down the [ctrl] key when you submit or run the report. This key will allow you to bypass many of the common pop-up blockers.

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What do I need to do to get access to Banner if I am a NEW user?

New Banner User (non-students)

  1. User requests a Banner Account from Information Services through the UO Service Portal.
  2. The Computing Accounts Administrator checks to see if an account exists. If not, she/he creates one. The name of the Dean, Department Head/Director is also verified.
  3. The Computing Accounts Administrator establishes the Banner account for the user, notifies the user, and files the form (at Information Services).
  4. The user registers and attends all required Banner training.
  5. The user submits an access form to the appropriate security officer (FIS/HRIS: Susan Peterson 6-2387, SIS: Jim Blick 6-3246). Links to the access forms are available at
  6. The security officer grants the requested access.
  7. The user launches Banner at using a supported web browser.
  8. Note: Non-Employees who require Banner Access should fill out and submit the Banner Access for Non-Employees form.
  1. A student is eligible to be an employee if they are enrolled in the term of employment for a minimum of 8 credits as an undergraduate (6 hours as a graduate).  Any exceptions should be referred to Chris Lonigan at Human Resources.  Chris will notify Information Services of any exceptions via email or a memorandum.
  2. Information Services will NOT verify employment or enrollment status.

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How do I install Secunia PSI?

For instructions on how to install Secunia PSI, see How To Install Secunia PSI

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Does Secunia PSI support Mac OS X?

No. At this time, Secunia PSI currently runs on Windows only.

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When I try to patch an application using Secunia PSI, I get this error: “Downloaded file has incorrect SHA1sum." Why?

The file being provided by the software vendor does not match the file identifier that Secunia PSI has on record. This type of error should eventually resolve itself, though that may take some time. In most situations it is simpler to go to the software vendor's website and download the most recent version they have available and manually install that version.

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Where can I find more information about Secunia PSI?

For more information regarding Secunia PSI, see:

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How do I archive old Outlook data files?

Archiving your Outlook data or your mailbox is an efficient way to reduce the amount of space you are using on the servers. For instructions on how to use the archive feature, see either of the following links:

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