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How do I install Secunia PSI?

For instructions on how to install Secunia PSI, see How To Install Secunia PSI

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Does Secunia PSI support Mac OS X?

No. At this time, Secunia PSI currently runs on Windows only.

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When I try to patch an application using Secunia PSI, I get this error: “Downloaded file has incorrect SHA1sum." Why?

The file being provided by the software vendor does not match the file identifier that Secunia PSI has on record. This type of error should eventually resolve itself, though that may take some time. In most situations it is simpler to go to the software vendor's website and download the most recent version they have available and manually install that version.

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Where can I find more information about Secunia PSI?

For more information regarding Secunia PSI, see:

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How do I archive old Outlook data files?

Archiving your Outlook data or your mailbox is an efficient way to reduce the amount of space you are using on the servers. For instructions on how to use the archive feature, see either of the following links:

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Where do I find general information about Outlook?

Microsoft offers a vast array of Help and How-To guides, which include instructions and information about attachments, calendar, email messages, file management, personalizing Outlook, saving and printing, and much more.

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Queue: How do I create a link to the "new ticket" page with some fields already filled out?

Some IT groups on campus have created a page with several "new ticket" links that load up the "new ticket" page in RT with many fields already filled out.

For example, I could create a link that automatically sets the Subject, AdminCc, and Issue Type fields by specifying those fields, and whatever values I want for those fields, in a URL.  The following link sets the "Subject" to "OS Issue", the "AdminCc" to "", and the "Issue Type" custom field to "OS":

Determining the field name is fairly straightforward for some fields (e.g. Subject, Cc, AdminCc, Status), but for custom fields it requires a little more work.  To figure out what name to use for custom fields, view the HTML source of the "new ticket" page for your queue and then find the "name" value of the form field (e.g. "Issue Type") that you would like to use.  An HTML source viewing tool, such as Firebug for Firefox, helps immensely with this.

I found the "Issue Type" name of "Object-RT::Ticket--CustomField-19-Values" by looking up the HTML for that form field.

AAA makes use of these types of URLs for one of their pages:

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How do I insert a document, PDF, or PowerPoint into my post?

You can upload documents, PDFs, of PowerPoints directly to your blog posts. This does not embed the file into your posts; it inserts a link to the file. When readers click on the link to the file, the file will either open up in another web browser or download the file to their computer.

For instructions on how to insert documents, PDFs, or PowerPoints into your posts, see Inserting Documents, PDF and PowerPoint into your Posts.

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How do I change my blog's theme?

The default theme for all blogs is TwentyFifteen.

If you would like to change your theme for UO related use, choose a theme and use the UO Banner Plugin.

If you would like to change your theme for personal use, choose any theme and include the following disclaimer:

“This site is maintained by the author for personal and professional communications as authorized by the University of Oregon’s computer use policies. Unless otherwise indicated, the content and opinions expressed on this web site do not necessarily reflect the views of nor are they endorsed by the University of Oregon or the Oregon University System.”

For instructions on how to change your theme, see Changing your Blog's Theme.

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How can I import my content from another blog?

You can easily import a Wordpress blog to your UO Blog!

When importanting content from a Wordpress blog each post and page will be assigned to a current user on your UO Blog. Make sure you add the user, which you wish to assign post and pages to, to your blog before you go through this proccess. Currently you cannot create a new user during the process.

In Wordpress:

1. Log into your Wordpress dashboard

2. Go to Tools > Export

3. Choose "Download Export File" and save it to your hard drive.

In your UO Blog:

4. Log into your dashboard

5. Go to Tools > Import

6. Choose "Wordpress"

7. Click "Choose File" and browse to find the file you saved earlier

8. Click "Upload file and import"

9. Assign the posts to an existing user by selecting the user from the drop down menu labeled "-Select-". *Please Note* you must select a user from  the drop down menu. Using the "Import author" function will not work.

10. If you wish to include file attachments with the posts be sure to check the box under "Import Attachments"

NOTE: The site in which you are exporting content from, the privacy settings must be set as public in order to import the images into your new site. 

11. Click "Submit"

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