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When I try to run a report, the screen flashes, but no report is displayed.

The most likely cause is a pop-up blocker either set on your machine or a departmental server. Configure the pop-up blocker to allow pop-ups from To help determine if this is the problem, try holding down the [ctrl] key when you submit or run the report. This key will allow you to bypass many of the common pop-up blockers.

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What do I need to do to get access to Banner if I am a NEW user?

New Banner User (non-students)

  1. User submits a completed original Banner Access Form, (BAF, BAF Instructions) to the Information Services Computing Accounts Administrator via Campus Mail. The form must include the signature of the employee's Dean, Department Head or Director.
  2. The Computing Accounts Administrator checks to see if an account exists. If not, she/he creates one. The name of the Dean, Department Head/Director is also verified.
  3. The Computing Accounts Administrator establishes the Banner account for the user, notifies the user, and files the form (at Information Services).
  4. The user registers and attends all required Banner training.
  5. The user submits an access form to the appropriate security officer (FIS/HRIS: Susan Peterson 6-2387, SIS: Jim Blick 6-3246). Links to the access forms are available at
  6. The security officer grants the requested access.
  7. The user launches Banner at using a supported web browser.
  8. Note: Non-Employees who require Banner Access should fill out and submit the Banner Access for Non-Employees form.
  1. A student is eligible to be an employee if they are enrolled in the term of employment for a minimum of 8 credits as an undergraduate (6 hours as a graduate).  Any exceptions should be referred to Chris Lonigan at Human Resources.  Chris will notify Information Services of any exceptions via email or a memorandum.
  2. Information Services will NOT verify employment or enrollment status.
  3. Information Services purges student access on the second Monday of each term unless departments submit a new Banner Access Request form to Information Services.

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How do I install Secunia PSI?

For instructions on how to install Secunia PSI, see How To Install Secunia PSI

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Does Secunia PSI support Mac OS X?

No. At this time, Secunia PSI currently runs on Windows only.

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When I try to patch an application using Secunia PSI, I get this error: “Downloaded file has incorrect SHA1sum." Why?

The file being provided by the software vendor does not match the file identifier that Secunia PSI has on record. This type of error should eventually resolve itself, though that may take some time. In most situations it is simpler to go to the software vendor's website and download the most recent version they have available and manually install that version.

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Where can I find more information about Secunia PSI?

For more information regarding Secunia PSI, see:

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How do I archive old Outlook data files?

Archiving your Outlook data or your mailbox is an efficient way to reduce the amount of space you are using on the servers. For instructions on how to use the archive feature, see either of the following links:

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What is the difference between replies/correspondence and comments?

Replies/correspondence are visible to everyone associated with a ticket.

Comments are visible only to the owner and AdminCcs of a ticket.  Thus, a comment might be more appropriate for a side conversation among owners of the ticket.

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Queue: How do I create a link to the "new ticket" page with some fields already filled out?

Some IT groups on campus have created a page with several "new ticket" links that load up the "new ticket" page in RT with many fields already filled out.

For example, I could create a link that automatically sets the Subject, AdminCc, and Issue Type fields by specifying those fields, and whatever values I want for those fields, in a URL.  The following link sets the "Subject" to "OS Issue", the "AdminCc" to "", and the "Issue Type" custom field to "OS":

Determining the field name is fairly straightforward for some fields (e.g. Subject, Cc, AdminCc, Status), but for custom fields it requires a little more work.  To figure out what name to use for custom fields, view the HTML source of the "new ticket" page for your queue and then find the "name" value of the form field (e.g. "Issue Type") that you would like to use.  An HTML source viewing tool, such as Firebug for Firefox, helps immensely with this.

I found the "Issue Type" name of "Object-RT::Ticket--CustomField-19-Values" by looking up the HTML for that form field.

AAA makes use of these types of URLs for one of their pages:

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How do I insert a document, PDF, or PowerPoint into my post?

You can upload documents, PDFs, of PowerPoints directly to your blog posts. This does not embed the file into your posts; it inserts a link to the file. When readers click on the link to the file, the file will either open up in another web browser or download the file to their computer.

For instructions on how to insert documents, PDFs, or PowerPoints into your posts, see Inserting Documents, PDF and PowerPoint into your Posts.

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